Democrats need a 2020 candidate who inspires. Joe Biden isn’t it | Max Berger

right – time is up Joe – stay on speaking circuit and help but don’t run.


Obama’s deputy represents the worst of the last 40 years of the Democratic party. Let’s look to future and pick someone else

This week, at least five women have come forward to accuse Joe Biden of inappropriately touching them in public spaces. (The first was Lucy Flores in a heartfelt article in New York magazine.) In response, Biden put out a two-minute video that didn’t include an apology. Instead, his team put out a “bat signal” to Democratic elites and allies to come forward and defend him. At a moment when working-class women of color are finally getting space in mainstream politics to speak their truth, the Democratic party should be realigning to put their concerns front and center. Throughout his career, Biden has done the opposite.

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