Nationwide protests planned over Mueller report release

WASHINGTON — A coalition of the nation’s biggest progressive grassroots organizations is activating a nationwide protest plan in response to Attorney General William Barr’s expected failure to meet an April 2 deadline set by House Democrats to release Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full Russia report to Congress.

With hundreds of locations set across the country, Stand Up America,, Indivisible and Public Citizen are among the groups orchestrating the April 4 “Nationwide Day of Action,” according to a release provided to NBC News.

The plan marks a shift in strategy for the coalition, which had for months been organizing a protest plan in anticipation that the Mueller report might not be released to the public at all. After initially summarizing Mueller’s work in a 4-page document sent to Congress on March 24, Barr has said he’ll release a more substantive version of the report by mid-April.

#BREAKING: @Maddow is FIRST to report on a National Day of Action that will happen this THURSDAY, April 4, if Attorney General Barr does not release the full Mueller report and all underlying evidence to Congress by tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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— Stand Up America (@StandUpAmerica) April 2, 2019

But the attorney general has indicated he will make several redactions, including classified information Congress has said it needs to see. Barr also would not commit to obtaining court approval to give to Congress grand jury-related materials, according to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler.

Now, the coalition’s focus is forcing transparency around one of the most politically sensitive documents in modern American history.

“Barr has not committed to releasing the full report and underlying evidence,” the coalition said in its statement. Further, the group said, Barr has given himself “the leeway to redact huge portions of the findings from Congress and the American people.”

It’s unclear how many people will actually turn out at the protests, but thousands have RSVP’d online to attend to, including more than 16,000 who signed up to protest outside the White House.