Paramedic’s father: My son thought he wouldn’t be shot wearing his vest

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A young paramedic volunteer on Wednesday morning was killed by Israeli fire during clashes that broke out in Dehehisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem, central West Bank, wearing his medical relief uniform.

The father of the martyr Sajed Mezher, Abdul-Hakeem Mezher narrated to PNN the last moments of the martyr’s life and his determination to extend a helping hand to the wounded youths in the clashes.

The father of the martyr said that he woke up at dawn and was preparing his sons to go to their schools. Among them was the martyr Sajed, who was studying for a university exam. At the outbreak of clashes, Sajed insisted on going out and helping the injured with the paramedic crews.

“I begged him not to leave, I told him that the soldiers wouldn’t care if he was wearing a medical vest or not, but he insisted on going. He thought they wouldn’t shoot someone wearing a medical vest,” the father said.

“He told me that he cannot abandon the wounded at this moment, saying he was trained to provide humanitarian aid at times like this. He told me not to worry and that he was protected under international law wearing his official uniform… but he was still shot and killed.”

Popular committees announced a general strike following the killing of Mizher, who was buried in his last resting place at the Martyr’s Cemetery in Irtas village.

Clashes also broke out at the northern entrance of Bethlehem following the funeral.

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society ni a statement said Sajed was shot in the abdomen with live ammunition as he was performing his duty, in his first aid uniform, during a raid by Israeli force on the camp; he later succombed to his wounds at the hospital, and called on its partners to condemn unequivocally this “severe violation of international humanitarian law by Israel and to demand the immediate cessation of attacks on medical personnel and other protected persons.”