The Tories are no longer a party, and Theresa May must know that | Polly Toynbee


Brexit has split what was left of the Conservatives. The sooner they realise it, the better for the country

Just another day in Brexit deadlock, as the prime minister rose to address the parliament she had so brutishly insulted with her demagogic “I am on your side” attempt to speak to “the people” over MPs’ heads. No apology, but she came to admit that her deal was in the quicksands, sinking fast, and she dared not bring it back for another trouncing. She is where she put herself, disgracefully in hock to the bigots and bullies of the Democratic Unionist party, who act against the will of remain-majority Northern Irish voters. Jeremy Corbyn was polite to call this “a national embarrassment”: this is far, far worse than a few blushes.

For parliament to seize control would, May wrongly claimed, set a dangerous precedent

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