‘I’m fed up with hearing May talk about who voted to leave’


Five voices from the ‘Put It to the People’ march

Brexit is disastrous for our country. I’ve not been on a march since 1962 when I marched out of the army. However, I felt very strongly that I had to come here today. This is a fantastic march – unbelievable numbers. I’m in favour of trying to work together rather than in opposition because the world is in a very dangerous situation and leaving Europe just fragments it further – that leads to disastrous politics. So I hope – though I doubt – that Theresa May will listen to this huge objection to her strategy. So many more people now are aware of what the issues are – the collapse of our car manufacturing industry, banks going everywhere and anyone with any money is getting it out of the UK. We have to stop this or it will be disastrous for our country, our children and our future.

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