Gaza… a nation revolting starvation

This time in Gaza was different when observing people’s louder voice of expressing the deterioration of their lives. From one side you cannot but see the heartfelt scenes of poverty , of humanity being taken to its edge , and from another side you see buildings,hotels, pochi restaurants and cafes, new cars, youth dressed with Nike and Adidas.

One of the most compelling comments I heard was from a taxi driver who expressed his concern and others rage on the building of another mosque . We don’t need more mosques .img_4428.png?resize=672%2C1455&ssl=1 I keep stressing on all the time as a Moslem who sees expensive built mosques where no cultural centers or services provided in paces where people lack the basics. As a secular person-maybe- I thought I am just another bad moslem when I complain .but hearing this is Gaza for me was beyond my expectations.

It came with no surprise that people are taking the streets in distress asking for better life.