Struggle for Global Power Status – – Trump declaring war on Germany and EU

Dispute over Nord Stream 2 Now the Trump Administration is taking the offensive in two other fields, in which Germany seeks to defend its interests, diverging from those of the USA, to enforce its “strategic autonomy.” One is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which assures Germany – for the time being [6] – exclusive access to Russian natural gas deposits, as well as granting Berlin a key position in the EU’s natural gas supply. Already at the beginning of the month, a high-ranking State Department official confirmed that if European companies continue construction of the pipeline, they risk “significant sanctions.”[7] Another US government official has now confirmed in the business press that Washington is already preparing sanctions. Reportedly, in Berlin, this is clearly considered an aggression against a NATO partner. Sanctions would certainly lead “to a confrontation – not only with Germany, but with Europe,” a government official in Berlin was quoted. “We will do everything necessary to complete the pipeline.”[8] Dispute over Huawei Simultaneously, the conflict is escalating over the use of the Chinese Huawei Corporation’s technology for setting up the 5G grid in Germany and the E

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