Death of a Deli.

Too bad the good delis die. the chain shops just serve factory food that kills the soul… sad


Wolfies Rascal House: Miami Beach


As I see it, there are two kinds of people in this world; People who love delis, and people you shouldn’t associate with.”   – Damon Runyon

You cannot talk about Miami Beach without mentioning, perhaps the most famous Miami Jew to have settled on the beaches; Wolfie Cohen.  He breezed in from Illinois in ‘47 and set about opening his first Deli; Wolfie Cohen’s, a one storey corner restaurant on 21st & Collins with a menu no Jew or Gentile could argue with for a thousand miles around.

The original Wolfie’s servicing the “Snowbirds” who came  down from the frozen  North to  Miami Beach where  they  enjoyed   their retirement in warmth.

On the opening day, Wolfie gave away the food for free, thousands of pastrami and corned beef sandwiches were woofed up till it was gone.  Nothing attracts a crowd…

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