Between 1825 and 1925, millions of Scandinavians immigrated to the United States. Many of them settled across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Around the Midwest, Americans remember their ancestors making a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs potato dumpling called klub (also spelled klubb). Some know them as kumla, others call them ball (the names reflect the region from which their families hailed). 

After a long and frigid day on the farm, households sat down to a meal of big, dense klub, often served with nothing but a generous helping of melted butter. Some swear by sweet syrup as a topping, while others opt for a ladleful of ham broth. Cooks all start by grating potatoes, and many simmer their dumplings in pork stock, but from there, the process becomes something of a choose-your-own adventure. They might tuck a bit of meat in the center, or use no filling at all. For most of history, cooks simply worked with what they had: salt pork, suet, and congealed blood were all fair game for stuffing. Regional and necessity-based variations aside, many chefs have taken the same approach to day-old leftovers, cutting them into chunks and frying them in butter.

When meat was plentiful, families enjoyed klub alongside cuts of ham or bacon. You can still find the hefty dumplings served this way in a couple of restaurants. Though klub is nowhere near as prevalent as it once was, cooks carry on the tradition at home, as well as at Scandinavian special events and fundraisers around the Midwest. 

Dental fillings could last twice as long


A compound used to make car bumpers strong and protect wood decks could prevent return visits to the dentist’s office. A team of researchers has created a filling material that’s two times more resistant to breakage than standard fillings. The team also has developed an adhesive that’s 30 percent stronger after six months in use than adhesives that are currently used to keep fillings in place.

Trump plans to end India’s preferential trade treatment

HAHAHAHA – he now caves t China – said he was going to side with Modi and now drops him like a rock in the midst of Modi’s election. Trumpy can’t decided which dictator to have his bromance with? U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday he intends to end India’s preferential trade treatment under a program that allows $5.6 billion worth of Indian exports to enter the United States duty free.

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‘We are fighting’: Brazil’s indigenous groups unite to protect their land


Residents of Raposa Serra do Sol are determined to face down the threat posed by mining

“A united people will never be defeated!” shouted Maria Betânia Mota, as the indigenous assembly in a partially burned-out agricultural college began. Hundreds of voices roared back in approval.

Betânia Mota is the women’s secretary of its organisers, the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR), which represents the majority of those living in the 1.7m hectares of savannah and scrub that make up the Raposa Serra do Sol reserve in Brazil’s northernmost state.

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