Opinion | Netanyahu Stoops to Survive – The New York Times

In Israel, Rabbi Benny Lau of Jerusalem, a leading voice of religious Zionism, repeatedly assailed the merger, likening Kahanism to Nazism, and nearly 90 modern Orthodox rabbis and educators, including prominent names in the religious Zionist community, denounced the deal as giving “a black eye to Israel and its standing in the world as a moral and democratic state.” Potentially more damaging to Israel, the pact between Mr. Netanyahu and the Kahanists was criticized in the United States not only but also by liberal Jewish organizations, but by some whose strong support of Israel rarely includes any public intervention in its boisterous politics. The influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee — Aipac — which almost never publicly criticizes Israel, endorsed a statement by the American Jewish Committee that called Otzma Yehudit’s views “reprehensible,” and added that “they do not reflect the core values that are the very foundation of the state of Israel.”