Venezuela: Some Things Never Change

In Saner Thought

Yes the Right wingers are going nuts making the case against Maduro….of course using socialism as the premise for the failure of the government….but nothing they are doing is new…..the US has a game plan for regime change that has not changed in decades.

Seriously!  It is the same plan almost every time.

We should all beware of those regime change charlatans….all of them…..

The tragedy of U.S. foreign policy has been that in its quest to do good globally, it has invited all kinds of charlatans to lobby Washington to do their bidding. The language of these actors is seductive and frequently plays on Americans’ reverence for freedom and democracy. In the Middle East, the cacophony of voices demanding U.S. support has time and again entangled America in regime change wars that can’t be won.

While these foreign actors purport to support U.S. interests, their narratives are often self-serving…

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