Stop the new deportation flights to Jamaica. They shouldn’t be happening | Zita Holbourne

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The government has learned nothing from the Windrush scandal, and must cancel Wednesday’s flight

Given the justified outrage there was when the Windrush scandal was exposed, many Britons may be surprised to know that the government is planning a secret flight to forcibly remove more than 50 people to Jamaica on Wednesday. The last flight took place in 2016. Then, more than 50 people were each shackled and cuffed to two security guards throughout the entire journey. Although for years I and other campaigners have been campaigning against such deportations and other aspects of the government’s hostile environment, it was the reporting on cases that became known as the Windrush scandal that finally drew attention to the gross injustices faced by many of that generation.

In light of the scandal, a planned charter flight to Jamaica last spring was cancelled. Charter flights to Jamaica (but not other countries) were suspended. Until now.

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