Under pressure over video, Venezuela’s Guaido says met officials

Maybe it would be better to let Venezuela settle its own affairs rather than launch another wag the dog intervention. Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido said on Saturday he had met with government officials to convince them of the need for new elections, after a lawmaker said a meeting took place this week.

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One in 20 Britons ‘does not believe’ Holocaust took place, poll finds


Call for better education after scale of ignorance is revealed in survey to coincide with memorial day

One in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust happened, and 8% say that the scale of the genocide has been exaggerated, according to a poll marking Holocaust Memorial Day.

Almost half of those questioned said they did not know how many Jews were murdered in Nazi death camps, and one in five grossly underestimated the number, saying that fewer than two million were killed. At least six million Jews died.

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US diplomat convicted over Iran-Contra appointed special envoy for Venezuela

Suitable that 45 hire someone already convicted!


Elliott Abrams, who was linked to failed coup against Chávez, to join Pompeo to urge security council to recognize Guaidó as head

The thick eyebrows were familiar from another era, even if the crown was balder, and the state department’s new hire admitted he had not worked there for 30 years.

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Ireland dismisses suggestion it should quit EU and join UK | Politics | The Guardian – This is how ignorant some Brits are to suggest Ireland would become a British slave again after fighting for 700 years to be free!

BBC’s John Humphrys criticised for putting ‘Brexit solution’ to Irish minister

Source: Ireland dismisses suggestion it should quit EU and join UK | Politics | The Guardian