Nazi blueprint for North American Holocaust acquired by Canada archive


German researcher’s 1944 book, once owned by Adolf Hitler, lists Jewish residents of US and Canada

A book once owned by Adolf Hitler, which scholars suspect was a blueprint for a Holocaust in North America, has been acquired by Canada’s national archive.

The rare book, of which only a handful of copies remain, was bought online by government librarians last year and unveiled for the first time in Ottawa on Wednesday. The acquisition, which curators say will preserve a critical piece of history, comes at a time of growing antisemitism and Holocaust denial in Canada.

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Trump must not be allowed to dictate Venezuela’s democratic recovery | Reynaldo Trombetta


Juan Guaidó can save my country from ruin, but if the US intervenes, we could see it turn into another Afghanistan

Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro and his Russian ally Vladimir Putin are predictably claiming that the swearing-in of Juan Guaidó as acting president is a coup organised by Donald Trump. Those of us who want a democratic – and as peaceful as possible – end to Maduro’s dictatorship must ignore the anti-American rhetoric and throw our full support behind the president of the country’s national assembly.

Guaidó must not be allowed to fail. No one within the opposition is better suited to steer Venezuela back towards democracy. Following years of seeing former president Hugo Chávez abuse the rules of democracy, an increasing number of Venezuelans has lost faith in politics and the power of the vote. They are understandably angry, and they seem to believe that the only way out is to take the fight to the streets. Guaidó, who cut his teeth in the 2007 protests against Chávez, has enough credibility to convince this group that a democratic transition is still possible.

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Cod stocks on course to crash if ocean warming continues


Barents Sea is key source of UK cod imports and could see temperature rises of over 6C

Fish fingers and cod and chips are under a far greater threat from carbon emissions than previously thought, according to a recent study that has grave implications for food security.

The North Atlantic cod stock in the Barents Sea is likely to first rise and then crash, possibly to almost zero before the end of the century if climate change isn’t addressed, says the scientific paper, published by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme.

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Angela Davis to receive civil rights award after museum reverses decision


The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute issued a public apology for denying the award and said there should have been more conversation

Asking the public to help “rebuild trust” in the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the chairman of the Alabama museum’s board said on Friday it had reversed course after a public outcry and would give the activist Angela Davis an award that was offered then rescinded.

Related: Angela Davis: ‘unbroken line of police violence in US back to slavery’

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H.J.Res. 34: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to provide that Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the number of persons in each State who are citizen

Another scheme to tear down America Introduced: Sponsor: Rep. Warren Davidson [R-OH8]

This resolution was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary which will consider it before sending it to the House floor for consideration.