The West LA VA Is Trying To Evict A Jewish Veterans Group: LAist

Post 118 commander Millen, an Army veteran, said he used email to book the room at the VA every year, but admits he was remiss in getting updated license paperwork for the use of the conference room. He thinks the VA has an obligation to work with congressionally chartered veteran organizations, however, instead of booting groups like the Jewish War Veterans from campus. “Basically, the VA dropped the ball,” he said. “[The OIG] report recommended the VA establish new agreements compliant with the leasing act. It didn’t say they had to be canceled.” DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS RESPONDS The larger organizations that rent space on the VA don’t appear to be going anywhere. Big swaths of land highlighted in by the OIG are still being used for non-VA purposes. In response to a KPCC/LAist inquiry, the VA declined to say if there were any changes to the 11 major leases involving dozens of acres of valuable West L.A. property to ensure they complied with the OIG’s findings. On the use of the meeting space for Jewish War Veterans Post 118, the VA said it is working within the letter of the law, which reserves the use of VA buildings by VSOs “for purposes of assisting claimants in the

Source: The West LA VA Is Trying To Evict A Jewish Veterans Group: LAist