Scott Morrison criticises ‘ugly racial protests’ but fails to condemn Fraser Anning | Australia news | The Guardian

Morrison has remained quiet about the independent Queensland senator Fraser Anning, who attended the rightwing event alongside its organisers. The acting Labor leader, Tanya Plibersek, said she was pleased Morrison had condemned the rally but “he also has to criticise Fraser Anning for attending a rally that’s been organised by people with a known record of seeking to divide Australians”. “What really concerns me is that this is a fellow that the government has to continue to rely on to get measures through the Senate,” Plibersek said. “He has voted with the government about 90% of the time.

Source: Scott Morrison criticises ‘ugly racial protests’ but fails to condemn Fraser Anning | Australia news | The Guardian

Labour faces ‘mass challenge’ over Brexit policy

Listen up and rethink


Thousands of members demand second referendum as poll reveals party’s share of vote would plunge if it backed exit deal

Thousands of Labour members have demanded their party oppose Theresa May’s Brexit deal and back a second referendum over EU membership. The call comes before a key party gathering which will be held amid warnings that some are already ending their membership over the issue.

The pressure emerges as the biggest Brexit poll conducted since the referendum suggests support for Labour would fall significantly should it back or allow its MPs to back a Brexit agreement. More than 5,000 Labour members and supporters have contacted the party before its policy meeting of senior figures this week.

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Two British special forces soldiers injured by Isis in Syria


Attack comes after Trump said he would withdraw US troops as ‘we have defeated Isis’

Two British special forces soldiers have been seriously injured in a missile attack by the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria. The incident is thought to have happened on Saturday morning and the soldiers were airlifted by US forces for medical treatment.

Rudaw, a Kurdish news outlet, reported that the British soldiers were hurt in an attack on a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) base in the town of Deir ez-Zor, in the east of the country.

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A Reporter Detained: On Life Inside ICE Camps – IMM Print

The criminalization of those of us seeking political asylum has just begun. I asked Oscar for forgiveness for landing him in jail. My son’s response still reverberates in my ears: “We are together, we arrived together, and if we have to go back — we will go back together.” It was the response that today encourages me to return to my work with greater effort, a renewed commitment, stronger, and with more love and dedication.

Source: A Reporter Detained: On Life Inside ICE Camps – IMM Print

Thousands in Budapest march against ‘slave law’ forcing overtime on workers


Anger at Viktor Orbán’s rule in Hungary also directed at courts system and state media

Thousands of protesters in Hungary braved snow and freezing temperatures on a march against Viktor Orbán’s rightwing government, denouncing harsh new legislation that has been dubbed the “slave law”.

Passed in December, it allows companies to demand that staff work up to 400 hours overtime a year – or the equivalent of an extra day a week.

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It won’t be easy. But Trump will lose ‘bigly’ on immigration | Art Cullen

Goes against everything – morals, ethics, religion, fairness, economics…


Trump wants to keep the nation divided. It won’t work – but it will get worse before it gets better

Donald Trump has declared that immigration and a border wall will be the centerpiece of his 2020 re-election campaign, promising us nearly two years of misery.

He shut down the government over his demand for $5bn for the wall, although the billions already appropriated haven’t been spent. He has stepped up persecution of refugees properly seeking legal asylum at points of entry. When children die while in border patrol custody, the head of the Department of Homeland Security says they are bringing disease with them. Steve King, my north-west Iowa Republican congressman, referred to immigrants as dirt.

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‘The US can’t dump people in Mexico’: Trump asylum policy in doubt | World news | The Guardian

Several of the asylum seekers who had heard of the potential policy said they would simply wait it out in Mexico. “Going back, I may as well just tie a noose for myself and hang it from a tree,” said Francisco M, who left Guatemala with his wife and three children due to extortion threats from gangs. “We are here alone and it hurt to leave our roots, but I’d have to have a death wish to go back there. No, we will stay as long as it takes.” Meanwhile, human rights groups warn that Mexico, one of the most violent countries in the world, is not safe for asylum seeker. Last month two Honduran teenagers who had traveled with the caravan were murdered in Tijuana. Advocates warn the plan would add formidable new challenges to the already-tortuous asylum process. “The policy essentially dispossesses people of their right to trial. It takes me months to prepare one asylum case. I’ll maybe meet with a person six times. People cannot build cases in the US if they can’t meet with their lawyers. How will they get to their hearings?” said Erika Pinheiro of Al Otro Lado, a legal aid organization in Tijuana.

Source: ‘The US can’t dump people in Mexico’: Trump asylum policy in doubt | World news | The Guardian