Kevin Spacey and Louis CK have been out in the wilderness. Please, let’s keep them there

your 15 minutes are up!


In case anyone has forgotten what makes this twosome so gruesome, up they pop to remind us

Whatever happened to the wilderness? People used to stay there for ages. Did it turn out to be a really inhospitable place or something?

I think we all have to ask as the huge caravan of men returning from #MeToo exile threatens to overwhelm us. Over the past week, it has been difficult to turn on the internet without seeing reports detailing this alleged crimewave’s progress. “My life is over,” declaimed comedian Louis CK to … hang on, where are my reading glasses? … a sold-out audience in Long Island. He owns a multi-million dollar estate on nearby Shelter Island, so I guess it feels as wastelandy a spot as any to unleash a set shitting all over school shooting survivors and people asking to be referred to by pronouns of their choice. But we’ll come to the courage of this material shortly.

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