Corbyn defies calls from within Labour to back second Brexit referendum

Take him out or change his mind!


Party leader says Theresa May should return to Brussels to secure new deal with full customs union

Jeremy Corbyn will defy calls to change course on the party’s Brexit policy ahead of parliament’s vote on the deal, insisting that the government should secure a new deal with the EU if MPs reject Theresa May’s agreement.

Under increasing pressure from Labour members and MPs to reconsider his approach as preparations for the delayed “meaningful vote” ramp up over the next week, Corbyn said on Wednesday that the party’s policy remained “sequential” and that no decision could be made on a second referendum until parliament voted down the deal on offer.

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DRC Ebola total tops 600; vaccination team attacked | CIDRAP Pray to God this does not get out of hand!

With 10 new Ebola infections reported on New Year’s Day and today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Ebola outbreak passed the 600-case mark, as a fresh round of violence—this time in Komanda—injured a member of a health ministry vaccination team.

Source: DRC Ebola total tops 600; vaccination team attacked | CIDRAP

“It happened so quickly.  I’d just quit my job at an after…


“It happened so quickly.  I’d just quit my job at an after school program. I’d been unemployed for three days.  I was waiting for my train at the 125th Street Station, and I noticed so much animosity.  It didn’t feel like a sharing and caring kind of place.  So I said to myself: ‘I’m going to help change the pace.’  I went to visit my high school chorus teacher, Mr. Williams, and I told him: ‘I want to sing on 125th Street.’  He thought it was great idea.  He said that he’d done the same thing when he was my age.  Together we found a cheap amp and microphone, and I gave it a try.  My first day was a Tuesday.  I stood on the downtown platform.  I’d never sung in public before.  I was so nervous that I couldn’t find my voice.  I wasn’t exactly mute, but I wasn’t fully singing either.  Then an old lady came up to me.  I’m pretty sure she was an angel.  She told me: ‘Sing Whitney Houston.’  Then she stood there, and kept saying: ‘Louder, louder, louder,’ until I was singing full volume.  I made $60 that day.  And I got so much positive feedback.  Now I’m singing four days a week and making enough to provide for me and my daughter.  And I get so much love.  So much love.  So, so much love.“

Women Form 385-Mile Human Chain to Protest Temple’s Menstruation Ban


On Tuesday, an estimated five million people formed a 385-mile human chain across Kerala, India, called the “women’s wall.” CNN reports that women led the peaceful protest, which lasted for 15 minutes, to support the end of a centuries-long practice of banning menstruating women from the Sabarimala Temple, one of…

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