Trump ‘accidentally reveals location and identities of US Navy Seals in Iraq’

Trying to make himself look good without thinking of the consequences – just looking good.


  • Video posted on Twitter appears to show covert special ops team
  • Typically such images would be blurred to protect members

After making a holiday visit to US troops in Iraq, Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter of himself posing with Navy Seals – apparently revealing the special ops team’s deployment in the country, which is typically kept secret.

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People don’t post facts to Twitter, Elon Musk claims in ‘pedo’ defamation defence

Being a jerk in public and defaming a non-public figure is a no, no.


Elon Musk’s lawyers ask a judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit by a British diver who the Tesla chief executive had labelled a “pedo guy”, arguing the comments were “just imaginative attacks” protected by the US constitution’s first amendment.

‘Gifts for fascist friends’: Mussolini’s calendar comeback

The only good place for Italian Fascists is the end of a meathook…


Il Duce and Hitler memorabilia are for sale in Rome, as rightwing populism dismantles taboos

There is no hint of embarrassment as the woman clambers on a chair to reach the high shelf of her newspaper kiosk opposite the Italian interior ministry in Rome. “This is just part of the job,” she says as she hands over the final copy of a 2019 calendar dedicated to the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

A flick through from January to December reveals various images of the rotund man known as Il Duce (the Leader): addressing a crowd bare-chested; punching the air in triumph after signing Italy’s 1939 pact with Germany and striding through Rome in military garb.

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‘It’s God’s plan’: the man who dreams of bringing intensive chicken farming to Africa | Environment | The Guardian – Export bird flu to Africa – No Godliness – just greed and $.

A US mega-farm, a Christian backer and Africa’s oldest industrial chicken producer are bringing the world’s super birds to revolutionise the region’s food market and feed its poor

Source: ‘It’s God’s plan’: the man who dreams of bringing intensive chicken farming to Africa | Environment | The Guardian