When Penny Marshall knocked a classic out of the park, inspiring generations to come, in ‘A League of Their Own’

The day the world said goodbye to Penny Marshall, it turns out, there was crying in baseball. In the compilation book “The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women” (Mango: 236 pp., $19.99), Times film reporter Jen Yamato pays tribute to the enduring emotion, dirt-in-the-skirt thrills and quotable…

Opinion | Stumbling Upon Police Abuse – The New York Times

The impolite reality is that stories like this explain why frustrated residents in many communities see the police as an occupying force. This shows what a growing cross-section of Americans in both political parties mean when they speak of a two-tiered justice system. This is why the police, in neighborhoods and editorial pages across the country, often don’t get the respect they demand — or the trust they feel they deserve.

Education Department Proposes More Racism in Response to Gun Violence in Schools 

Racists do as racists love to do. bnbcgdimgv1oqz3nydnw.jpg

The New York Times reports that the safety commission organized in the aftermath of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, led by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, has issued a report recommending that the Trump administration repeal Obama-era guidelines meant to address disproportionately high and unjust disciplinary…

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This Asshole Is Singlehandedly Blocking a Bill to Address Violence Against Native Women


Bob Goodlatte, a Republican representative from Virginia, is singlehandedly blocking a bill meant to address the alarmingly high numbers of missing and murdered Native women from passing before the end of the year, and Senator Heidi Heitkamp, the author of the bill, is calling him out.

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Stepping Stones #poetry #photography #writing

penned in moon dust

Valley water in a good year

rough current o’er my path

couldn’t pick a way

no choice but sink or swim

life pulled me down

boulders blocked my life

throw them at the sun

sharp like a knife

writing scribbled frowns

not really smooth

a way in front I see

what lies behind

rushes to the sea

walk in a village

water flowing free

writing with a goal

children read & dream

I know poetry is symbolic and cryptic and so many unexplainables. Poetry has been a way for me to move forward (and write) when my path seemed fouled. Use your words no matter how few to set your mind at ease. There is a waterfall of sentences just up ahead.

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