Microsoft will give the U.S. military access to ‘all the technology we create’

Not a good idea for US military since Microsoft products are so easy to hack and, well, subject to funny quirks.

As tech companies such as Google wrestle with employee objections to working with the U.S. military, Microsoft Corp.’s president is throwing his company’s support behind the Pentagon.

Microsoft is “going to provide the U.S. military with access to the best technology … all the technology we create….

Mark Steyn Smears Khashoggi: He ‘A Dead So-Called Journalist’

Mark Steyn Smears Khashoggi: He ‘A Dead So-Called Journalist’:


Nothing is ever too low for Trump surrogates on Fox News.

Brexit nut Nigel Farage joined Tucker’s Thanksgiving sub Mark Steyn to talk about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Our own intelligence agencies say the Washington Post journalist’s murder is tied to Saudis and their Crown Prince. Farage did admit that both the UK and US “should be doing and saying more.”

But then “Trump TV” kicked in. Steyn said, “And we should also be clear, too, Khashoggi is being presented as a sort of hero of journalism. He’s probably going to be Time magazine’s Man of the Year just because he is a dead so-called journalist.”

He continued, “But in fact, he was kind of a deep state Saudi spook who just happened to fall out with the Royal family. In a sense, it’s different sets of bad guys we’re arguing about when we’re talking about Saudi Arabia.”

Khashoggi was a U.S. resident and three of his children are US citizens. He has been a journalist for decades.

The Business Insider has a nice profile of Jamal, and since he was close to the royals during the war with Russia, there were rumors that he might be a spy, but no proof.

And even if he was, why does that make him one of the bad guys? There have been many intelligence workers who have made the move to journalism and become authors.

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G20: Merkel calls on Putin to free Ukrainian sailors | News | DW | 01.12.2018 – USA no longer a world leader – wonder why?

During her talks with Putin, Merkel pushed for “freedom of shipping into the Sea of Azov.” The two leaders agreed to initiate talks between Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine to reduce tensions in the region.

Source: G20: Merkel calls on Putin to free Ukrainian sailors | News | DW | 01.12.2018