El plan Trump obligaría a los solicitantes de asilo a esperar en México mientras se procesan sus casos

Los centroamericanos que llegan a los cruces fronterizos de EE. UU. en buscan asilo en los EE. UU. tendrán que esperar en México mientras sus peticiones se procesan bajo nuevas medidas que la administración de Trump está lista para implementar, de acuerdo con los documentos de planificación interna…

In the Trump era, a lighter shade of Latino can make life easier – Los Angeles Times

The day after President Trump’s election in 2016 — according to Documenting Hate, a project that tracks bias incidents around the country — a student reportedly told a seventh-grade girl in Clarksburg, W.Va., “You’re going back to Mexico now.” The girl’s father is Native American and she is not of Mexican descent. Her skin is darker, the report noted. Later that month, a woman reported that she was in line at a grocery store in Austin, Texas, when an older man picked up a newspaper with a picture of a Latino man. “Trump is going to get rid of you people,” she said he exclaimed before shaking the paper at her. The woman was white, but had darker skin. For many Latinos, the Trump era has hammered home the privilege, or lack thereof, that comes from being the light-skinned güero or dark-skinned prieto of the family.

Source: In the Trump era, a lighter shade of Latino can make life easier – Los Angeles Times

Thousands of Cuban doctors leave Brazil after Bolsonaro’s win

Hate and foolishness have consequences.


Cuba has begun pulling out 8,300 doctors working in poor and remote regions of Brazil after far-right president-elect Jair Bolsonaro demanded contract changes to programme

Cuba has begun withdrawing 8,300 doctors working in some of the poorest regions of Brazil, prompting fears that indigenous villages, small towns and isolated rural communities could soon be left without medical care.

The move came after Brazil’s far-right president-elect Jair Bolsonaro threatened to cut relations with Cuba and modify the conditions of a five-year-old agreement between the two countries and the World Health Organisation. The growing row offers a worrying sign of how the former army captain may handle diplomacy after assuming office on 1 January.

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