Gaza Resists for All Palestine

“We can only scream out and loud in the name of Gaza .. We are all Gaza. We are all Hamas . We are all Abu Ubaida.

We are all the martyrs,

the wounded,

the moaning mothers,

the bereaved daughters,

the helpless husbands,

the captived people who can only survive as we resist.”

نادية حرحش

I know thimg_258600056418108373588321776520551247at we are emotional people here in Palestine. I have to say we are exceptionally sensitive. After all, who ends up in our reality is a natural naive emotional species. Israel would have never made it to any light if empathy from Palestinians was not a significant factor together with hospitality to the captives, escapees refugees threw to us on boats from Europe. As much as this sound like a compliment, it is, by all means, a disaster.

The last nights were lighting nights in the skies and lands of Gaza. Gaza that suffers from lighing sever problems turned into day light… I wonder how difficult it could be to support lights in ap lace like gaza not rockets. If americans give israel light engines instead of firing all that vicious armory on residents … on more than two million people who cannot even have access to the basics of life…

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