The Gravest Crisis – Groundviews – Sri Lanka Crisis for Democracy

President Sirisena’s unrepentant violation of the constitution raises very serious questions about the political choices he is making now. He can only plunge the country from one crisis to another and take the country down the path of Myanmar, or turning it into a banana republic where the law and the constitution do not matter. People of the country should unite and fight together to save democracy from the gravest threat it is facing since independence. Yet, public option would be sharply divided on this issue and not everyone would be interested in saving democracy. A broad democratic front of political parties, civil society and citizens need to be formed to defend Sri Lanka’s democracy.

Source: The Gravest Crisis – Groundviews

‘Textbook voter suppression’: Georgia’s bitter election a battle years in the making

No shame by Kemp for sham election mismanagement


Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp are locked in a dispute amid allegations of voter fraud – something that has plagued Georgia in its history

Georgia’s hard-fought and bitter governor’s race still isn’t over.

Nor was it just a gubernatorial campaign pitting rightwing Trump acolyte Brian Kemp against insurgent Democrat Stacy Abrams and her bid to become the first African American woman governor in US history. Instead it was a battle years in the making, and it was not so much about who to vote for – but who could vote at all.

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Pelosi: Trump picking Whitaker ‘does violence to the constitution’


President insists he does not know acting attorney general, contradicting own remarks and reports of Oval Office access

As Donald Trump tried again to distance himself from Matthew Whitaker, his own choice as acting attorney general after he fired Jeff Sessions, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said the appointment “does violence to the constitution and the vision of our founders”.

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