Tuesday Open Thread | ELECTION DAY


44 Tells the Truth…did you listen last time? I did.

“The character of our nation is on the ballot,” says former President Obama at a rally for Democrats in Chicago. https://t.co/vxxMsZVnzG pic.twitter.com/iv3MpEVkTr

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) November 4, 2018

My dad is 62. Fam from Deep South Georgia, Colquitt. He remembers visiting and using the green book. He remembers segregated bathrooms. He remembers hiding in cornfields from the klan while my Grest Grandma Kate held a lamp, sawed off shotgun to protect the farm. My DAD. I’m 33. https://t.co/IQJO5zApK9

— Lil Uzi Streetfighter (@LRels) November 4, 2018

As Dem Leader, I led the fight for Medicaid expansion and opposed efforts to privatize public schools. When HOPE was threatened, I helped save it—then worked with Gov. Deal to pass criminal justice reform. I am ready to lead Georgia forward as #GAGov. https://t.co/0zqDEnv3w2

— Stacey Abrams (@staceyabrams) November 5, 2018

Good news in North Dakota thanks to dedicated activists. https://t.co/U1TkN4sN8g

— ACLU 🗳 (@ACLU) November 1, 2018

Democratic House candidate MJ Hegar from Texas responded to her Republican opponent comparing her campaign to a war with an ad saying he doesn’t know “shit” about war. pic.twitter.com/38U8l5Ftog

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) November 3, 2018



My message to black folks is this: We get one day a year to deliver a figurative fuck you to white supremacists, to corporations, to Main St and Wall St and all the forces working in concert to keep us disenfranchised. There is NO love. So let your anger out in the voting booth.

— Cyrus McQueen (@CyrusMMcQueen) November 4, 2018