More Swedes fought Nazis in WWII than previously thought


Dan Norrgård from Timrå fought for the first bridge across the Rhine in 1945.

Lyssna: More Swedes fought Nazis than previously thought

New research has revealed that the number of Swedes who fought for the Allied forces in World War 2 was far higher than previously thought.

Author Lars Gyllenhaal tells Radio Sweden that he has used American archives to find details on hundreds of unknown soldiers and sailors, whose numbers dwarf the around 200 Swedes who fought in German uniforms.

“Allied Swedes have, so to say, been in the shadows because during recent years there’s been a lot of attention about the Swedes on the other side,” Lars Gyllenhaal tells Radio Sweden.

Sweden had a policy of remaining neutral during World War 2 though that did not stop thousands from volunteering or fighting during the conflict.

Loukas Christodoulou