Monday Open Thread | Election Eve

SG2 did such a wonderful job outlining the struggles of the Black community and voting.

Tomorrow, we have elections. Elections that will determine the future of this country.

It really is past Democrat and Republican. It’s about do you believe in this country and want to fight for it, or are you traitors. We have one political party that continues to show itself being anti small ‘ d’ democratic, at every turn. They have no problem with the graft, the illegality, the immorality that reeks from every pore of this White House. They have no problem with a President who incites hate at every turn, because, hey, they have their tax cuts. They don’t care about America losing its standing in the world, because, hey, they can get Roe v Wade overturned. We have seen, clearly, without any hesitation, that everything they said they stood for, was a complete and utter sham. There is no low that they won’t excuse, including treason against this country.

Nobody is saying that the Democrats are perfect – what political party is..

But, I can say without hesitation, what they are FOR

They are for Protecting the American Social Safety net

They are for Science and the belief in science

They are for a woman’s right to choose

They are for your access to healthcare

They are for your voting rights

They are for you having the best opportunity to thrive

They are for living in peace with your neighbors

They are for a government for the people, and not the grifters

They are for a humane immigration policy

They are for equal protection under the law

There’s got to be something in this list that is important to you.

So, get out and vote. Your life DOES depend on it.

You have SEEN what the Republicans want to do. You have seen their natural tendencies. How can that NOT terrify you?

Vote. And, take 5 friends to vote.