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eeding this upsurge in hate is the toxic soup of anti-Semitism found online. According to a report that the A.D.L. released just a day before the Pittsburgh attack, far-right extremists and the so-called alt-right have stepped up their efforts on social media to attack and intimidate Jews, and especially Jewish journalists, in the run up to the midterm elections. These radicals engaged in “Twitter bombing” of Jews, barraging our community with an estimated five million highly politicized and anti-Semitic tweets per day. Social media creates its own realities for individuals, where people feed off the anonymity and tailor what they read and whom they speak with so that it can feel that everyone thinks and talks as you do. As much as this is distorting, it also can be empowering. Similarly emboldening is when anti-Semitism and hateful rhetoric is elevated or tolerated, either through appropriating the anti-Semites’ rhetoric outright, “dog-whistling” to them, or allowing their hate to go unanswered. And this is what has accelerated over the past few years. Anti-Semitism is being normalized in public life.

Lewis Hamilton wins fifth Formula One world title at Mexico Grand Prix


• Driver celebrates landmark at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
• Champion has no intention of easing off in search of honours

Measured even by the exceptional standard he has set in dominating Formula One Lewis Hamilton, in taking his fifth title in Mexico, has unquestionably raised the bar to new heights. We, like he, should revel in his achievements. If motor racing’s history is defined by drivers, this must surely now be considered the Hamilton era. Delivering the championship was proof, were any needed, that not only is he at the peak of his powers but that as things stand no one can match him.

Max Verstappen won the race for Red Bull but Hamilton’s fourth place was enough to seal the title. The Briton knew what he had to do and delivered, as he has so often this season.

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How To Blog 4 Peace on Social Media NOV 4


Use this template to make your own peace 

 On Nov 4 Change your status to Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant Us Peace).Put up a peace graphic. Post and Share! Anywhere you are online. It’s that simple. Need more explanation? New to the movement?
If you want to be a peace blogger, you’ll need a peace globe and one of these: a blog or website,  Facebook profile,  Twitter account, Instagram,  Pinterest, Tumblr,   BlogHer …anywhere you are online.

You can simply post “Dona nobis pacem” as your post title/status AND you can do the really cool thing and make a peace globe as well. We’ll even make one for you. Just tell us what you want on it and one of our volunteers will assist you. Message us and we’ll connect you with a volunteer designer.

1. Choose a template.
Go to the Official Site of Blog4Peace @ blog4peace.com to find blank templates like the one you see above OR CLICK THIS LINK for Peace Globe Templates.  There are many colors and choices. All are free to use, except commercially, of course. Choose your favorite. Decorate as you wish with a message of peace. People put all kinds of things on their peace globes: pet pics, website urls, quotes, original drawings, poems, song lyrics, nature photos, family pics, anything that inspires and brings them peace!
See thousands of examples on the peace site for inspiration. There are pre-made globes for you as well. Just grab one. Even easier? Simply choose one from the albums on our Facebook page. Right click and save. Voila. You have a peace globe of your very own.


2. Post it anywhere online November 4.
TITLE your post/status update Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace). You can even make it your profile pic for the day! The goal is for all to say the same thing on the same day in the title. Then go do what peace bloggers do best. Write. Write powerful powerful words of peace. Peace prose. Peace poems. Peace songs. Peace art. Peace prayers. Use your unique voice and share it with people all over the world. We are in 214+ countries. It is your chance to be a voice for peace. It is our chance to encourage positive change. Words are powerful. This matters.
Post it on your Facebook page and on the Fan page timeline, on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, anywhere online.

3. TAG me @ facebook.com/MimiLenox and Hashtag #blog4peace.
Send your peace globe to Mimi@mimilenox.com so that it may be counted and documented on the Official Site. Visit each other. Wherever you see a peace globe, share it. It’s empowering to see so much positive energy floating through the Blogosphere in a world where so much peace is needed. See you November 4

Questions? EMAIL mimi@mimilenox.com or message me on Facebook

We believe that words are powerful….this matters.
Let’s make this day count.
Mimi Lenox Founder, Blog4Peace/BlogBlast4Peace @ blog4peace.com

BlogBlast For Peace November 4 ~ Join us!