Five Star Movement faces ‘populist’ revolt over Rome’s decay



Protest planned owing to lack of progress in tackling refuse problem and other ills

Tired of overflowing bins, potholes and exploding buses, Rome’s long-suffering residents are planning a protest in an effort to save their city from further decay.

The aim is to send a message to the city’s administration, which since June 2016 has been led by the Five Star Movement, that enough is enough.

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Ex-Chinese internment camp detainee denied US visa despite Congress invitation

Duh – US Presidential racism rates more than US Congress


Kazakh national was asked to speak at Congress about his ordeal, but his application was rejected by the US consulate in Istanbul

An outspoken former detainee in China’s internment camps for Muslims has said that his application for a visa to visit the United States was rejected even though he had been invited to speak at Congress about his ordeal.

Kazakh national Omir Bekali was asked to travel to Washington in September by the chairs of the Congressional-Executive Committee on China. He said his application was rejected by the US consulate in Istanbul on 2 October after he was questioned about his employment status.

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Israeli supreme court overturns ruling barring US student from country


  • Lara Alqasem refused entry on study visa on 2 October
  • Authorities cited her role in Students for Justice in Palestine

An American student who was barred entry into Israel under a law against foreign activists who support boycotts of the state because of its policies towards the Palestinians has been given permission to stay in the country by the supreme court.

In its ruling on Thursday, the court criticised Israeli authorities for denying entry to Lara Alqasem, 22, and said their decision gave “the unavoidable impression” that she was barred for her political opinions.

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Bolsonaro business backers accused of illegal Whatsapp fake news campaign


Workers’ party urges police to investigate ‘industry of lies’, saying 156 entrepreneurs fund misinformation for far-right frontrunner

The far-right frontrunner in Brazil’s bitterly contested election has been accused of benefiting from an undemocratic and criminal industry of fake news and lies in his attempt to become the country’s next president.

Polls suggest Jair Bolsonaro, a pro-torture, dictatorship-praising populist, is heading for a landslide victory over his leftist Workers’ party (PT) rival, Fernando Haddad, on 28 October with about 59% of intended votes compared with his rival’s 41%.

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Have Gun Will Travel

There have been mercenaries forever but they are still a sign of humans not living up to what any god meant them to be!

As long as I am writing about assassination…….

Does anyone remember the Western from the 60’s?  Paladin–does it ring a bell?  Never mind….don’t hurt yourself it was a TV western about a hired gun and weekly he made the decisions of life and death…..Richard Boone played probably the first anti-hero hero….

But I digress!

I bring this up because of something that is being reported……there seems to be an hired American hit team operating for the UAE……

It’s “almost like a murder squad,” an incredulous former CIA official told BuzzFeed News. The site had called him for comment as it dug into a potential bombshell of a story: that former elite US special operations fighters were assassinating high-profile figures in Yemen, but not as part of a military operation. Rather, the targeted killings allegedly came at the request of the United Arab Emirates, which had engaged the private US company the former fighters now work for. The CIA official told BuzzFeed this simply wasn’t possible. Then he asked around and called back: “There were guys that were basically doing what you said.” So what is BuzzFeed saying? Aram Roston centers much of his lengthy piece around what he says was a planned Dec. 29, 2015, hit, staffed by employees of the Delaware-incorporated Spear Operations Group.

Spear’s founder is Abraham Golan, “a charismatic Hungarian Israeli security contractor who lives outside of Pittsburgh,” whose employees—a former Green Beret and former Navy SEALs among them—were to kill Anssaf Ali Mayo, a key figure in a political party the UAE sees as having terror ties (critics counter this). Roston recounts Golan and his team flying to the UAE and receiving a 23-person hit list while on board; Golan viewed the targets as “legitimate,” as Roston puts it, because the UAE selected them, and the US backs the UAE’s military efforts. Things went awry with Mayo; they managed to bomb the party’s HQ, but had no proof Mayo was dead, and he seems to still be alive. But Roston sees the attempt on his life as an opening salvo, with “members of Al-Islah, and other clerics in Aden [subsequently] dropping dead at an alarming pace.” Golan says his team was behind a number of those hits. Read Roston’s full piece, which explores the “surprisingly unclear” question of whether Spear’s alleged actions are illegal under US law.

The excuse for this rings hollow but also is used to justify the murder of Khashoggi…..

Once again mercs being used to do the dirty work that governments want to keep their hands clean….plausible deniability.

The report made me think of the TV show but it also lead me to something that was a secret until recently……Murder Inc…..when I was in the service of my country there was a group operating internationally their title was “Service 7″….it was an assassination squad from Bulgaria…..

“The Bulgarian state security services had a super-secret special bureau responsible for the eradication, kidnapping or discrediting of Bulgarian émigrés around the world long before the notorious assassination of Bulgarian writer Georgi Markov in London in 1978.

The SMERSH-style Cold War clandestine structure was called ‘Service 7’. It began operations in mid-1963 and by 1972 was engaged in at least 10 cases against Bulgarians who escaped to Italy, Britain, Denmark, West Germany, Turkey, France, Ethiopia, Sweden and Switzerland before 1989.

More on these American mercs……

There was a time after Vietnam when I actually thought about becoming a merc or at least joining the Foreign Legion….but the birth of my daughter changed all that silliness.

There use to be a consequence for fighting in a war not declared by the US…those days are gone…sadly this trend is very disturbing.

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The Nooses of Adelanto – IMM Print

An unannounced visit to the Adelanto ICE Processing Center by federal inspectors has found nooses present in various cells, unfair segregation policies, and that those in detention have been receiving inadequate medical care. The nooses were braided bed sheets hanging from the vents, and were found in a large number of the detention centers’ cells. There has already been one suicide committed with the assistance of a bed sheet, and as the report from the federal inspectors noted, there has been at least seven suicide attempts between 2016 and 2017.

Source: The Nooses of Adelanto – IMM Print

Thursday Open Thread | This Administration’s Disgusting Reaction to the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Saudi born jouralist Jamal Khashoggi was torture and murdered by the Saudi Government. They couldn’t just murder the man with a gun, fast and quick. They had to be ‘imaginative’. …

Source: Thursday Open Thread | This Administration’s Disgusting Reaction to the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi | 3CHICSPOLITICO