(2/3)  “After I was granted asylum, I moved in with some cousins…


(2/3)  “After I was granted asylum, I moved in with some cousins in the Bronx.  My first job was washing dishes in the kitchen of an adult home.  I was paid $297 every two weeks.  But I noticed that the private nursing assistants were paid a lot more, so I enrolled in some classes and received my certification.  My first assignment was a quadriplegic named Hector.  I ended up staying with him for six years.  I fed him, changed his diapers, helped him go to the bathroom, everything.  I really loved him.  We went all over the place.  We drove to Chicago and California.  My shift was the overnight, so sometimes I’d drive him to the club and he’d go dancing in his wheelchair.  I’d stand right next to him the entire time.  During the day I took classes at Lehman College.  I majored in health services.  After my graduation, the whispers began once more.  Family members were urging me to come home and take my rightful position on the throne.  So I said ‘goodbye’ to Hector and moved back to Ghana.  I got a job in business until the last king passed away in 2011.  And this time when the elders called on me, I was ready.”
(Akwamufie, Ghana)