“My mother had a lot of problems in her life, so I grew up…


“My mother had a lot of problems in her life, so I grew up without her.  It was a difficult childhood.  Everything that I’ve accomplished came from the kindness of others.  My first angel was my grandmother, who let me live with her.  My second angel was my first grade teacher.  Her name was Madam Felicia.  I had no confidence when I met her.  I thought I was dull because I never did well on my examinations.  But she saw greatness in me.  She taught me how to study and think.  Then in fourth grade I met my third angel, Madam Faustina.  She was also my teacher.  After hearing my story, I think she decided to take me as her son.  She promised to support me as long as I worked hard.  She grew me up.  She taught me the Bible.  She paid for my books and school fees.  I’m in university now, but even yesterday she called to see if I needed anything.  I’m currently studying to be a lecturer.  I’m taking three different majors.  I want to help people.  It’s only natural because of all the people who helped me.  I feel like there are so many people out there who can do great things, but are doomed unless they find someone to help them.”  
(Accra, Ghana)