Israel bans entry of over half of the participants in the Jordan Industries Exhibition

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Deputy Chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Jordan Industries Exhibition, Adnan Ghaith, on Wednesday said that the Israeli occupation authorities have banned entry of more than half the participants who were supposed to take part in the exhibition, which was launched yesterday at the Convention Palace in Bethlehem.

Ghaith said that the number of registered to participate in the exhibition was 200 people, however, only 80 were allowed to enter Palestine. Several companies were also banned from entering.

Ghaith said that this falls within the occupation’s policies aimed at thwarting the establishment of such events, which are part of the exchange and trade cooperation between Palestine and Jordan.

“The occupation authorities try to block the exhibition every time, but our message is clear; we are determined to organize it in Palestine, despite any difficulties,” he said.

Jordan’s Minister of National Economy Abeer Odeh and Jordan’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Tariq Al-Hammouri, on Tuesday have ann0ounced the opening of Jordan’s fourth industrial exhibition in Palestine, with the participation of more than 60 Jordanian factories from different sectors.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of the heads of the Jordanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, members of the Jordanian Senate and Chambers, representatives of the Palestinian public and private sectors and a wide participation of businessmen, traders and industrialists from various sectors.

During the opening of the exhibition at the Bethlehem Convention Palace, minister Odeh stressed the keenness of her leadership to promote the distinctive bilateral relations between Jordan and Palestine, and ease import and export process between the two.

The Minister called on the Jordanian private sector institutions to invest in Palestine in these promising sectors, and benefit from these laws and incentives.

Jordan’s Minister of Trade and Supply thanked the Palestinian government for the success of the exhibition for the fourth year, stressing the kingdom’s position headed by the King towards the Palestinian cause, which is the priority of the Palestinian cause. The Palestinian issue is a just and comprehensive solution and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The minister pointed out that the holding of this exhibition is an important step to improve development by providing businessmen with the opportunity to discuss relations and building long-term commercial companies between the private sector that contribute to opening new markets in both countries.

In turn, the governor of Bethlehem, Kamel Hamaid, stressed continuity in the struggle of achieving freedom, independence and the establishment of the state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Governor stressed the importance of developing the economic relationship between the two countries and doubling the volume of trade exchange, pointing out that “we want to try a large part of the trade exchange with Israel with Jordan, and we make a voluntary transformation and strengthen our economy and support our brothers in the Jordan River,”expressing thanks and appreciation to all the components of the private sector steadfast Maintain the national economy.