How ridiculous is the General Strike today?

“We were a typical outcome of a proverb we were taught as children ” empty vessels made the great noise.” I have to admit that with the silence of the atmosphere as a result of the Jewish holidays, our voice is also making an echo!” too convenient – no power.

نادية حرحش

Today, 1st of October, the last day of the Sukkot holidays. The day the Jewish people in Israel close their religious holiday with a final redemption.

The Palestinians, everywhere, announced a general strike, that was initiated by the Arab parties inside Israel, to condemnrefuse…the new national law, that declares Israel as a state of the Jewish people.

Was it pure negligence from the side of the organizers to decide this specific day as a day to demonstrate by strikingly striking the streets of Israel in a complete shutdown …while everything in Israel is closed?

Alternatively, is it a complete submission and fear from consequences, as well as abiding with the easiest to declare a strike in a day that is a holiday within the overall Israeli places?

If this is a problem, the fact that the call was responded with “joy” from the Palestinian territories who happened to have a normal working…

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