Hundreds of settlers attack Palestinians in East Jerusalem

PNN/ Jerusalem/

A number of Palestinian citizens in Jerusalem on late Sunday night were injured after they were attacked by extremist settlers in Al-Musarara neighborhood, East Jerusalem.

Palestinian sources said hundreds of extremist settlers attacked the neighborhood after a march in which they shouted racist slogans, under the  protection of Israeli occupation forces, who did not try to prevent the settlers from carrying out the attacks.

According to the sources, the settlers threw stones and broke the contents of shops in the neighborhood,   in addition to carrying out barbaric acts and chanting racist slogans.

When some citizens attempted to defend themselves and prevent attacks by settlers, IOF fired teargas and sound grenades towards them.

‘They want us to be robots’: Whole Foods workers fear Amazon’s changes


Employees have begun to organize in an attempt to push back on changes made since Amazon acquired the company in 2017

Whole Foods staff are worried that Amazon, the grocery chain’s new owner, is trying to turn them into “robots” and are seeking to set up a union to protect their jobs.

Workers at “America’s healthiest grocery store” say management is trying to cut jobs and reduce wages as they reshape the 38-year-old grocery chain in Amazon’s image.

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How ridiculous is the General Strike today?

“We were a typical outcome of a proverb we were taught as children ” empty vessels made the great noise.” I have to admit that with the silence of the atmosphere as a result of the Jewish holidays, our voice is also making an echo!” too convenient – no power.

Nadia's Jerusalem

Today, 1st of October, the last day of the Sukkot holidays. The day the Jewish people in Israel close their religious holiday with a final redemption.

The Palestinians, everywhere, announced a general strike, that was initiated by the Arab parties inside Israel, to condemnrefuse…the new national law, that declares Israel as a state of the Jewish people.

Was it pure negligence from the side of the organizers to decide this specific day as a day to demonstrate by strikingly striking the streets of Israel in a complete shutdown …while everything in Israel is closed?

Alternatively, is it a complete submission and fear from consequences, as well as abiding with the easiest to declare a strike in a day that is a holiday within the overall Israeli places?

If this is a problem, the fact that the call was responded with “joy” from the Palestinian territories who happened to have a normal working…

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Turkish citizenship is for sale, but will Arabs buy in?


Turkish citzenship sale

If you are rich and want to acquire Turkish citizenship, then congrats, your wish has come true. Turkey has significantly eased requirements for acquiring Turkish citizenship. The new regulations reduce the limits for fixed capital investments to acquire Turkish citizenship, reducing the investment from $2 million to $500,000. Additionally, foreigners who own real estate in Turkey worth a minimum of $250,000, instead of $1 million, can also acquire Turkish citizenship.

The aim of the amendment is to attract foreign investment after the collapse of the Turkish lira and the real-estate sector. House sales across Turkey have declined 12.5 percenton a yearly basis in August with a more than 67 percent yearly decrease in mortgage sales. Morover, the Turkish central bank’s total foreign currency reserves have fallensince April 2010.

Taking a look at the International Classification of Passports around the world, there is one clear conclusion: the new Turkish nationality…

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