An ‘Ancestral Memory’ Inscribed in Skin – The New York Times

These tattoos were traditionally inscribed on women’s skin by women’s hands to commemorate various achievements and points in a woman’s life, such as one’s first menstrual period, the mastery of a new skill and childbirth. But as Western colonization swept Alaska in the 19th and 20th centuries, including the establishment of boarding schools where indigenous languages would not be spoken, many Alaska Natives were prohibited from practicing the rituals that had bound them to one another. Tattooing was one of those traditions. In the last decade, women in Alaska and other areas of the circumpolar north have been working to revitalize the tattooing tradition. For them it is a response to the long-ago efforts to wipe out cultural practices and entire populations of people, and a celebration of cultural resilience.

If Brett Kavanaugh is caught out in even one lie, it’s over – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

US President Donald Trump has authorised the one-week FBI investigation. But will it change anything? It’s tough to say, but expect every statement Mr Kavanaugh has made on the record in his own defence to now to be scrutinised. Devil’s Triangle? He said the reference in his bio in the yearbook referred to a drinking game. Did it? Boofing? Is it a fart joke, as he told the committee, or a reference to anal use of drugs as has been reported? Renate Alumnius? The dates on his calendar? His relationship to Professor Ford? As Americans lose faith in government institutions, this appointment to “the highest court in the land” has become a symbol of something much bigger. If he’s caught out in even one lie, it’s over.

Source: If Brett Kavanaugh is caught out in even one lie, it’s over – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

كيف يغيب عن العالم ما يجري في الخليل

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نادية حرحش

كيف يغيب عن العالم ما يجري في الخليل؟

الحقيقة ان الجواب واضح وبسيط: غياب السلطة وانعدام الدبلوماسية المزعومة!

 لا أفهم كيف لا يتم استخدام ما يحدث في البلدة القديمة في الخليل كنموذج حي لتجسيد كل جرائم الاحتلال.

الامر لا يتطلب شيئا، سوى المشي في تلك الشوارع المعزولة المفصولة “المطهرة” من السكان الأصليين.

٢٣٠ ألف انسان يعيشون في حالة عزل وقمع ورعب وتهديد من قبل ٨٥٠ مستوطن مسعور.

يتساءل العالم عن نظام الفصل العنصري، وكل ما يحتاجه رئيس السلطة الفلسطينية هو ان يجعل الوفود الزائرة للمقاطعة بالمرور او محاولة المرور من تلك المنطقة.

ولكن ما يؤرق الرئيس والسلطة غير هذا….

والعالم ينظر ….

والسلطة تبكي حالها من بعيد….

كيف لا تقوم وزارة السياحة بعمل زيارات وتعبئة دائمة لتلك الجرائم المرتكبة يوميا في الخليل؟

كيف لا تكون الخليل عنوان كل اشتباك دبلوماسي؟

يكفي ان تقف في مكان ما هناك لترى المستوطنين المسعورين والجنود المستذئبين والضباع من أطفالهم والجيف من نسائهم ومسنيهم.


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