Is a New Russian Meddling Tactic Hiding in Plain Sight? – The New York Times

USAReally, by contrast, was quickly banned by both Facebook and Twitter, although it recently opened a second Facebook page. A Twitter spokesman said that USAReally’s account was suspended for violating the site’s rules against spam. A Facebook spokesman said the company had enough evidence that the first page was involved in coordinated inauthentic activity to take action against it. He said the group’s second page was being investigated, and that the company had been aware of the account before being contacted by The New York Times. Despite Mr. Malkevich’s claims, there are hints that USAReally may be drawing from the Internet Research Agency’s playbook, in addition to adopting the more open tactics of RT and Sputnik. Last week, users on the popular message board Reddit complained that links to USAReally stories were being posted on the site’s largest pro-Trump forum, r/the_donald. The links were disguised, appearing to belong to websites like and But when users clicked on the links, they were redirected to stories on USAReally’s website. (G.E.O.T.U.S., or “God Emperor of the United States,” is a nickname for President Trump popularized by users of r/th