“I used to walk 12 kilometers to school.  And every day along…


“I used to walk 12 kilometers to school.  And every day along the side of the road, there’d be an old woman who was so sick that she couldn’t move.  The sun would beat her.  The rain would beat her.  And nobody would help.  I was only seven years old.  I couldn’t stand it.  But my parents wouldn’t agree to bring a total stranger into our house.  How are we OK with people dying like chickens on the side of the road?  Millions of people in this country haven’t even taken a single meal today.  I can’t stand it.  I’m thirty now and I’m struggling.  But I’m still trying to help even though I don’t have money.  I taught myself to treat diabetes with herbs.  I’ve treated ten people so far who can’t afford the hospital.   But I want to do more.  I’ve given myself a timeframe.  I’ve been working at this conservation center for three years now, and I’ve learned a lot.  In a few years I’m going to open my own center.  I can use the profits to build houses for people who have no place to stay.  Each person can stay for a year.  Maybe if they can just rest their head for a month, they’ll find a way to feed themselves.  And if they eat for a week, they’ll start to reason like a human being.  At the very least they’ll see that it’s possible to be loved by someone.  And maybe they’ll realize that God loves them too.”
(Lagos, Nigeria)