Discovering the Secrets Behind Indigenous Hand Talkers

It is early September 1930, and the Blackfeet Nation of Montana is playing host to a historic gathering — much of it conducted in silence. Gen. Hugh Scott, a veteran of the U.S. Cavalry who spent decades fighting in the 19th century American Indian Wars, sits as part of a half moon formation of participants …

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IMF chief highlights recession risk of no-deal Brexit

Christine Lagarde says disorderly exit of UK from EU would have ‘dire consequences’

The UK economy would rapidly start to contract in the event of a disruptive exit from the EU next spring, according to a stark International Monetary Fund report that highlights the recession risks of a no-deal Brexit.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s managing director, added that there would be costs to the UK under any outcome that involves leaving the EU.

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Sean Penn: ‘salacious’ #MeToo movement will ‘divide men and women’

Was he carrying bat he hit Madonna with while making his remarks?


The actor says he is ‘very suspicious’ of spirit of Hollywood post-Weinstein and worries that it is ‘too black and white’

Sean Penn has spoken of his concerns with the #MeToo movement, worrying that it revolves around too many “salacious” revelations.

The 58-year-old actor, promoting his new TV drama The First, appeared on NBC’s Today programme with co-star Natasha McElhone when conversation shifted to the rise in women coming forward with their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse.

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‘Hweeldi, 1864 — 1868, The Navajo’s Long Walk’ by Christine Prat



By Christine Prat

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Censored News

In the second half of the 19th century, the conquest of ‘The West’ intensified. In 1846, the United States attacked the recently independent Mexico and acquired a huge portion of territory through the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty