Centre-right Alliance makes power play in hung parliament

Says lots about them being willing to sleep with Nazis.


Annie Lööf of the Centre party, Ulf Kristersson of the Moderates, Ebba Busch Thor of the Christian Democrats and Jan Björklund of the Liberals.

Lyssna: Alliance invites Social democrats

The leaders of the centre-right opposition Alliance on Wednesday called on the ruling Social Democrats to step aside and help them form a stable government and end the political uncertainty following Sunday’s election.

Christian Democrat party leader, Ebba Busch Thor, one of the four parties in the Alliance, said they have a proper mandate to form a government.

“I think it’s very clear, with the results that we seemed to get from the Swedish electorate, that the Alliance is clearly much larger than the Social Democrats. It’s quite natural that we seek opportunities to form a new government but that we also invite the Social Democrats for talks on very important issues,” Ebba Busch Thor tells Radio Sweden.

Social Democrats leader and prime minister Stefan Löfven later gave his response. He told a press conference that they would not help the Alliance form a government and added that his party, taken together with the Greens and the Left party, had a larger share of support from the electorate than the four centre-right parties.

Radio Sweden