17 Years “War on Terror” – GERMAN-FOREIGN-POLICY.com

The SWP’s appeal to finally re-evaluate the “War on Terror,” comes at a time when the lack of success of the measures applied, is more obvious than ever. If in the fall of 2001, the objective had been to annihilate Al Qaeda, today, global jihadism has spread. Today, the “War on Terror” is targeting the IS, which had been able to maintain its own state for a period of time. Al Qaeda has also grown stronger. The Al Qaeda offshoot in Syria, alone, is estimated – by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights – to have up to 30,000 armed fighters. (german-foreign-policy.com reported.[10]) They are benefiting from the appeals made by western powers – including Germany – for Syria and Russia to immediately halt their war. However, the West’s “War on Terror” will not be halted.

Source: 17 Years “War on Terror” – GERMAN-FOREIGN-POLICY.com