Elections in Jerusalem for Palestinians, a need or treason?

In the end, the relationship with Israel is a relationship between an oppressor and an oppressed. An occupier and occupied. Justice cannot be built when the oppressor and the oppressed stand on the same line. It is a lot of so much work done when both become equals…

نادية عصام حرحش

3_452685_20180907164503Every time every four years, the debate on elections starts and end like fireworks igniting in the sky and falling in pieces to nothingness.

Each time we debate whether Palestinians should participate in the elections of the municipality . and every time a stubborn like resistance is the master of the situation.

Why is this resistance to Palestinians participating in what seems to be a natural ABC of the miserable life of Jerusalemites? An ABC to what may appear to solve or in a way help resolve the frustrations Palestinian live in Jerusalem with all the restrictions, obstacles, violations and systematic attempts to get rid of the people of this city.

The ABC in response is, this will mean a legitimacy of the current municipality. It will mean that we Palestinians are legitimizing this capital of Israelization.

However, we are paying taxes; we receive services why not be involved in the system?

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