This amazing Bangladeshi air cooler is made from plastic bottles and uses no electricity

This amazing Bangladeshi air cooler is made from plastic bottles and uses no electricity:




This you can even make with a cereal box, pop bottles, a craft or box cutter knife, and some duct tape.  For those who are trying to beat the heat and don’t have an AC unit, or are trying to save money on their electricity bill.

To make your own, please follow the following steps for a window strip:


Materials:  Cardboard (i used a cereal box), Duct tape (in the colour of your choice), pop bottles or water bottles (just the tops as you can see how they were cut), some cutting device to cut cardboard and/or tape, and a marker, or marking device of your choice that will mark onto cardboard 

Step 1)  Cut off your pop or water off at the widest point so it makes kind of a funnel shape

Step 2) you can make these bigger, but I made mine into a strip.  Cut the cardboard into how big you want your panel or strip.  Trace the base of your cap and mark the centre of where the lid goes with an X (thats where the opening will go.  In the picture, I made mine just a bit wider than the pop bottle tops


Step 3)  Cut the X where you marked it, and make it so it’s cut big enough to push the smallest part of your bottle through the X


Step 4) Secure all the spout parts with Duct tape (in the colour of your choice.  Mine’s purple.)  You do not have to do step 4, but it is advised so the pop bottle tops dont pop out of the openings you made.


Step 5) Place your strip or panel with the biggest part facing the screen or opening of your window, and have the smallest part facing the inside of the building.

The science:  as the air blows into the wider part of the pop bottle cone, it compresses the air and cools it down as it goes through the smaller part, hence cooling the air around you without having to use any electricity to make this work.

I hope this tutorial helps you to beat the heat!


This seems pretty rad

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