In our #MeToo age, we must hold on to the hope of redemption | Sonia Sodha

This reminds me of discussions saying after just 50 years of renewed civil rights in USA for African-Americans, that we should just forget 400 years of slavery and its institutional effects, give all the racists a break, pretend Trump is not a racist, and discount need for Black Live Matter. So after less than a year of holding men to account for thousands of years of abuse, you want to give guys, you like a break…? If Trump says I am sorry and am a new person – give him a break; believe him? There’s redemption and then there’s just giving those you like a pass go ticket out of being held accountable.


Disney’s sacking of the contrite James Gunn plays into the hands of people with unpleasant agendas

Since it started trending on social media 10 months ago, two things have come to define the #MeToo moment. One is the powerful public testimony of women and men who have experienced sexual harassment and abuse in settings from Hollywood to Westminster. The second is the occasional sacking – or bringing down – of the powerful wrongdoer.

For men such as Harvey Weinstein, that loss of status and privilege could not have come soon enough, but the rolling of some other heads has created a sense of unease. Most recently, Disney’s sacking of James Gunn, the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise, for a series of deeply offensive jokes about rape and paedophilia, has prompted a wave of sympathy. Several of the films’ stars have written an open letter calling for him to be reinstated.

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