A Comeback but No Reckoning

Those affording Mr. Kozinski a public platform now should at the very least consistently acknowledge that he was accused of sexual harassment by many women. Institutions may also want to consider breaking their silence; law schools, legal organizations and the bar could make clear that they will not tolerate harassment from anyone, regardless of his or her status.

To usher Mr. Kozinski back into professional circles without qualification implies a deference that is stunning in light of the circumstances of his retirement. That choice paves the way for a next step — perhaps a speaking engagement on a panel or at a conference or a law school, or an opportunity to consult with a law firm and interact with junior associates. That process may already be in the works; in his radio interview, Mr. Kozinski talked about his plan to teach. Formerly a frequent presence on law school campuses, Mr. Kozinski was specifically accused of thumbing a law student’s breast, among other allegations. Judge Alex Kozinski retired in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against him. He’s now making his way back.