Friday Open Thread | Democrats – Do Not Spend One Dime Trying to Convert Dolt45 Voters


They showed their lack of character when they voted for Dolt45.

IF, after watching him become an international embarrassment, they aren’t willing to apologize for their vote…they need not be paid any mind.


Two examples of what I’m talking about.

From the Washington Post:

Farmers like me put Trump in office. Now his trade war is smothering us.

China needs to be punished for stealing patented U.S. technology. This is not the right approach.

By Kalena Bruce July 25 at 12:47 PM

Kalena Bruce, a fifth generation rancher living in Stockton, Mo., operates a commercial ranch.

President Trump is considering expanding tariffs to apply to $500 billion worth of Chinese imports. This move would double the level of tariffs that Trump recently imposed on Chinese goods. It would apply to nearly all of China’s exports to the United States.

To mitigate tariff damage to U.S. farmers, who are already facing rising input costs and reduced export markets, the Trump administration announced Tuesday that it would extend them $12 billion in aid.

I am a farmer and a Trump supporter. I agree that China needs to be punished for stealing patented U.S. technology. But opening a new front in this trade war, while trying to reduce the blowback on farmers with a Great Depression-era transfer program, is not the right approach. It is the economic equivalent of treating a hangnail by cutting off your finger.

Now, he’s gonna put her in the poor house, through a ill-conceived trade war….


She’ a friggin’ farmer. What does she have to do with the ‘ intellectual property rights’ that China is stealing?

What does that possibly have to do with a farmer from Missouri?

Absolutely nothing…but, she needs to be able to spout some talking point in order to justify still supporting someone who is making her broke by the minute.

While the article might disgust you, click through to read the comments.

They were PURE GOLD!!


They put a smile on my face.

Here is someone who had a confrontation with a couple of Dolt45 Supporters:

So, I had an interesting run-in with some Trumpers today, and it’s story worth telling. (Mute now if you’re not into story time.) I was part of a panel at Harvard talking about the Helsinki summit. Afterwards, two middle-aged women had some, er, questions. /1

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) July 25, 2018

During the talk, I had said (in response to a question) that Helsinki was not going to move the needle on Trump’s base support, not least because the Trump base is willfully ignorant and refuses to hear anything they don’t like about the summit or about Russia at all. /2

After the talk, they wanted a debate. “Did you say I’m willfully evil?” one asked me. I said: “No, I said you’re willfully ignorant.” Much spluttering. (Both were immigrants, btw: India and post-Soviet region.) /3

Both did the standard Trump thing: talking at me in a fusillade of words punctuated with questions that they would not let me answer. This is a compulsion with Trumpers: they must – *must* – constantly explain to you why they *had* to vote for Trump. /4

There was the standard litany of phantom Trump successes, including – really – that Trump is “taking jobs away from foreigners and making them give them back to Americans.” When I brought up foreign workers at Mar A Lago, they agreed: Bad. But Trump? Good. /5

Finally, I said: “Look, what you believe to be true is false. The things you think are facts are not facts. We can’t go further here.” This elicited lots of fast talking about why false things were true, and why Trump is generally awesome. /6

Finally, one of them said: “You should respect my view and not call me ignorant. That’s not reasonable” I said: “You are not a reasonable person, and this is not really a discussion where I can respect your view. You think Trump is doing great. I think he’s a disaster.” /7

To which she said, and I quote: “Well, he’s not as bad as Obamanation.” I said: “Obamanation?” She said: “That’s what he was, an abomination.” This was the person who had just implored me to be respectful and reasonable. I rolled my eyes and she left. /8

The other lady was nicer, and said that I was the only Never Trumper she’d met she thought was funny and engaging. (Hmph. Many of us are.) But I finally said: “These things you think are happening aren’t really happening.” /9

She said, out of nowhere: “Well, I supported Obama. But I couldn’t vote for Hillary.” I said: “That’s irrelevant to what’s happening now, isn’t it?” She then launched into the Hillary Crimes Litany. I said, again: But that’s not relevant *now*. We then parted amicably. /10

My point? These two people will never, ever change their minds. They are not accessible to reason. They demand agreement and respect, even when they don’t give it and are themselves unreasonable. This is the cohort that neither the GOP post-Trump nor Dems will ever reach. /10


I think it solidified for me that these types of Trumpers are just lost. They’re not going to climb down, change their minds, listen to new information. Trump really could shoot them on Fifth Avenue. There’s no point in discussion, because they don’t *discuss*, they *preach*. /13

This is who they are. And, yes, they should forever be judged by their vote for Dolt45, which proved THEIR LACK OF CHARACTER.

(I want to thank Kay from Balloon Juice, who was the first person to encapsulate the reason for my contempt for Dolt45 voters. Ever since I read her explanation, it clicked for me, and I never forgot it.)

Some Democrats don’t get it. But, others do.

Others like Stacey Abrams GET IT!!

.@staceyabrams: “I’m not going to spend a disproportionate share of our resources trying to convert Republican-leaning voters when we can invest in lifting up the voices of those who share our values.”

— Sarah Lerner (@SarahLerner) July 24, 2018