Wednesday Open Thread | Why the SpyGirl Scandal is Simple

There are those who say that the ‘Collusion’ between the Trump Campaign and Russia is ‘too hard ‘ to explain.

It’s not Collusion.

It’s Conspiracy Against the United States.

And, it’s not complicated at all. But, I’ll humor you for the moment.

Spy Girl, aka Marina Butina, isn’t complicated AT ALL.

It involves:

a) A Russian Spy

b) Spreading Russian Money

c) To buy Russian Influence

Across the Conservative Spectrum…



Right-Wing Politicians of All Stripes

She was 29 years old. And, nobody asked how a 29 year old got access to the kind of money that she was throwing around?






A gun’s right’s movement in RUSSIA?

IN WHAT WORLD, did that even make sense, knowing what we know about Putin?

Never EVER passed the smell test. Stevie Wonder could see that it was nothing but a FRONT to launder money.

So, while the Special Counsel’s indictments have been full of Russian names….


Oh, sweetheart….

The names that will be coming up with her are going to be a long list of AMERICANS.

AM Joy 7/21/18
Indicted Russian national Maria Butina allegedly sought to…

Maria Butina, a Russian gun activist with ties to the NRA and the religious right, has been charged with being a foreign agent for her alleged role in a Russian campaign to influence American politics. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

Accused Russian agent Maria Butina met with US Treasury, Fed officials – meetings were arranged by Center for the National Interest, a DC think tank that also hosted Trump at an April 2016 event at the Mayflower Hotel in DC attended by Sergei Kislyak

— Wendy Siegelman (@WendySiegelman) July 22, 2018

There’s a reason why the GOP has abdicated it’s role as the Legislative Branch…because they are all caught up in Russia too. While we don’t know about the 2016 Elections, we know, that if it’s detwemined that Russia ILLEGALLY FUNNELED MONEY to the NRA….that means that whoever received that money -GOT ILLEGAL MONIES.

Well, we talk about the NRA and donations…


So, they are ALL ON THE HOOK.

So glad I wrote this three weeks ago, heh.

— Grant Stern (@grantstern) July 22, 2018

I can confirm now that last yr Treasury”s financial crimes unit collected voluminous suspicious activity reports from banks on Maria Butina, Alexander Torshin, Paul Erickson, Bridges LLC & Investing With Dignity

The SARs were shared w/FBI, Mueller, SSCI

— Jason Leopold (@JasonLeopold) July 22, 2018

NEW: How did alleged Russian agent Maria Butina make inroads with conservative groups for so many years?

She learned how to speak their language – guns, freedom, God, America.

— Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) July 19, 2018

Are Republicans Covering for Trump, or for Themselves?

If the NRA was compromised by Russia — as appears to be the case — the whole Republican Party is in big trouble.

— Jon Cooper 🌊 (@joncoopertweets) July 21, 2018