“People were begging to be deported after being there for a month.”

Jorge* crossed the border from Mexico. He arrived in Arizona with a large group that planned to split up and head to different parts of the U.S. A Coyote took them to a house that was soon surrounded by ICE officers. ICE took them all directly to a detention center somewhere in Arizona; Jorge was held there for fifteen days. He didn’t have any idea where he was; he only knew that he was confined inside a big building with no windows, just fans that did little to dispel the hot air. His first week there, he didn’t have any blankets. Meals consisted of a little bread and water rations. There was one bathroom for sixty people. He felt he was being taught a lesson: don’t try to enter the U.S. ICE wants people to beg to be sent back to their home countries.

Then Jorge was moved to another facility — a detention center — in Phoenix. He was held there for four months. After a week, he was allowed to call his family. Then he was told that this facility was going to be used to house women, so he was moved again. He was transferred to a third facility, in Louisiana — a prison, like San Quentin. He stayed there for four months, too.

The inmates were allowed outside once a day, but they still felt as though they were being treated like animals. After a few weeks there, people would beg to be deported.

One man from Guatemala hung himself.

It took Jorge a month to be able to make a phone call. He called his brother to tell him where he was and to give him a phone number where he could be reached. But calls from the inside are extremely expensive. Food is sold in the facility, but his family had to send him money so he could get enough to eat.

Jorge’s family would call and be told by immigration authorities that he was going to be sent back to Peru very soon. Most of those in the jail were from Guatemala or Mexico. Jorge’s family learned that because it’s costly to deport just one person, ICE waits until they have a larger number so they can deport them all together.

Jorge’s detention dragged on for eight months. Finally, his family offered to pay for his ticket back to Peru. Before being deported, he had to sign a document saying he wouldn’t return for five years. The document is in English, and many who sign it don’t know what it says. But they’re forced to sign it anyway.

Three days later the Immigration authorities used the ticket his family paid for to send Jorge back.

* Not his real name.

Submitted by Lisa Bennett of Sausalito, CA (lisabpolitics@gmail.com). Lisa has known Jorge’s brother for 20 years, and personally gathered this story from him. Due to today’s culture of persecution, both men declined to have their names published.


“People were begging to be deported after being there for a month.” was originally published in IMM Print on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

Arkansas Prisons Suspend Search for Execution Drugs, Ask For Even Broader Drug Secrecy Law


Unable to legitimately purchase lethal-injection drugs or carry out executions without revealing who manufactured its drugs, Arkansas has suspended efforts to obtain a new supply of execution drugs until state law is amended to keep secret the identity of the drug manufacturers. The Arkansas Department of Corrections confirmed on July 17, 2018 that it had halted its search for execution drugs earlier this year following a November 2017 Arkansas Supreme Court decision requiring the state to disclose portions of the pharmaceutical drug and packaging labels for the drugs it intended to use in executions. Those labels permitted the public and the pharmaceutical industry to identify the manufacturers of the execution drugs, who then sued the state or charged state officials with violating the companies’ contract rights. Solomon Graves, spokesperson for the Department of Corrections said the department has been working with the governor’s and attorney general’s offices on amending the Arkansas Method of Execution Act to prevent disclosure of information that would identify drug manufacturers. “We are not actively looking for additional drug supplies at this time,” he said. Arkansas does not currently have any execution dates set, but it scheduled eight executions in an unprecedented 11-day period in April 2017 in an attempt to carry out the executions before its supply of the sedative midazolam expired. Four of the executions went forward, but not before controversy surrounded the state’s purchase of all three drugs in its execution protocol. Prior to the executions, Associated Press learned that the state’s second drug—the paralytic vecuronium bromide—had been manufactured by Hospira, a subsidiary of the drugmaker Pfizer. Pfizer, which made international news with its May 2016 announcement of strict distribution controls designed to block states from obtaining and using its medicines in executions, informed its drug distributor, McKesson Medical-Surgical, that the sale violated their distribution agreement. McKesson then sued Arkansas, alleging that the state had deliberately misled the company to believe that the drug would be used for legitimate medical purposes. The companies Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC, and West-Ward Pharmaceuticals Corp.—the manufacturers of the potassium chloride that Arkansas used as the third drug in its executions—also attempted to intervene in federal litigation to stay the April executions, writing that “use of their medicines for lethal injections violates contractual supply-chain controls that [they] have implemented … to prevent the sale of their medicines for use in capital punishment.” Following the expiration of its supply of midazolam, the director of the Department of Correction, Wendy Kelley, purchased a new supply of the drug in cash. The package identified a New York company, Athenex, as the manufacturer, who said Arkansas acquired the drug in violation of the company’s agreements with distributors barring the use of its products in executions. McKesson’s lawsuit remained active until the state’s supply of vecuronium bromide expired this Spring and the parties agreed the suit had become moot. However, the expiration of the drug left Arkansas without the means to carry out any executions until it obtains a new supply of the paralytic. Graves said that the Department of Corrections has no intention of resuming its search for execution drugs until the state legislature exempts the suppliers and manufacturers from the state’s public disclosure laws. The legislature does not meet until 2019, at which point the other two execution drugs will have expired.

(John Moritz, Arkansas not actively seeking drug needed for executions, prisons official confirms, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, July 18, 2018; Max Brantley, State suspends search for execution drug, Arkansas Times, July 18, 2018; Jessi Turnure, ADC: Search for Controversial Lethal Drug Used in Executions Temporarily Suspended, KARK-TV, Little Rock, July 18, 2018; Arkansas, Company Seek to Dismiss Case Over Execution Drug, Associated Press, March 19, 2018; Kelly P. Kissel and Andrew DeMillo, Arkansas got execution drug made by resistant manufacturer, Associated Press, November 9, 2017; Chris Geidner, Arkansas Paid Cash To Secure New Supply Of Execution Drug, Seeks New Execution Date, Buzzfeed News, August 17, 2017.) See Lethal Injection.

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Femen co-founder Oksana Shachko found dead in Paris flat



Suicide note found next to body of 31-year-old feminist activist, say Femen members

Oksana Shachko, one of the founders of the Femen feminist protest movement, has been found dead in her Paris apartment, the group has said.

The 31-year-old Ukrainian was found on Monday with a suicide note next to her body, according to Femen activists.

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الخوذ البيضاء وتلطيخ المعارضة بالسواد

الخوذ البيضاء وتلطيخ المعارضة بالسواد


الظلم السوري بدأ بالانجلاء عن سورية العظيمة بشعبها وقيادتها. وقد يكون الجزء الأخير من فرق الخوذ البيضاء التي وصل صيتها إلى أواخر العالم وحازت على الجوائز في مشاهد أقرب إلى الهوليوودية بإنجازاتها بإنقاذ المدنيين من النظام الفاشي. منذ الوهلة الأولى كل ما تعلق بهذه الفرق بدا مشكوك فيه. ولكن ربما صدق البعض أن الحروب تخلق الابتكارات في الإنقاذ. ملائكة الرحمة وسط ركام التفجيرات والدمار والبراميل التي كان النظام المستبد القامع القاتل يرميها ويسقطها على شعبه. وكانوا هؤلاء في كل مرة يخرجون بمعداتهم التصويرية ويهبون للإنقاذ…حتى وصل استحقاقهم للترشح لجائزة نوبل للسلام!

لم نصدق النظام السوري المستبد عندما حاول القول إن هؤلاء لم يكونوا أكثر من مرتزقة خونة. عندما شاهدنا الأفلام السينمائية الصنع للإنقاذ وفبركت التفجيرات ووجوه الأطفال الملطخة بالدماء أحيانا وبالغبار الكثيفة من براميل الفوسفور أحيانا.

لم نصدق عندما بدأت فضائح القائمين على هذه الفرق من التنازع على الأموال والاختلاس وفضح كل منهم للآخر على صفحات الجائد الأوروبية.

نحن العرب لا نصدق الا ما يقوله لنا الغرب. والغرب الذي صنعهم لم يستطع تحمل كم الفساد الذي كان متفشيا ففضحهم…مؤقتا.

فالعالم الذي لا يرى من النظام الا مستبد وقاتل، يرفض أن يرى أنه وبالرغم من حقيقة استبداد النظام (ربما وبلا شك) إلا ان المعارضة لا تعني بالضرورة وطنية. فهناك من يركبون على مآسي الناس ويجعلون منها أبراجا عاجية ينادون بأبواق الخديعة ما تطرب له الآذان زو ترعبهم وتخلخل أمنهم. فمن يصدق أن هناك من يبيعون أوطانهم وشعوبهم من أجل حفنات الأموال الملطخة بدمار البلاد والعباد؟

تصادف موت الفناة لسورية المعارضة مي سكاف بجلطة دماغية في فرنسا، بينما كان يتم إخراج المئات من أعضاء الخوذ البيضاء من سورية بعملية إنقاذ قامت بها إسرائيل، بما سمي عملية إنقاذ إنسانية لملوك الرحمة! إسرائيل التي قتلت رزان بينما كانت تسعف مصابي المظاهرات على حدود غزة. إسرائيل التي لم ترحم أركان ابن الثالثة عشر من قنص جنودها صباحا في مخيم الدهيشة. إسرائيل التي تتفن في قتل الفلسطينيين خلف جدران عنصريتها وتقمعهم وتستبد بهم بلا رحمة وتوجت دولتها بالعنصرية على مرأى العالم. تنقذ الخوذ البيضاء من استبداد الأسد!

لماذا لم تنقذ إسرائيل الأبرياء في سورية الذين يقتلون ويشردون ويدمرون مع كل قصف تساهم إسرائيل فيه بالعلن والخفاء؟

قد يكون دماغ مي سكاف الذي فكر بالفعل أن نظام بلادها كان المشكلة الوحيدة في أزمة بلادها من تهجير وقتل وتدمير وتشتيت، استوعب بما لا يترك الشك أن المعارضة لم تكن بنزاهة محبي الوطن.

لم تستوعب أن الأوطان لا يتم تحريرها من الخارج ولا عبر الخارج.

لم تستوعب الا متأخرا أن هناك خونة أشد ضررا على البلاد من أظلم الرؤساء.

وكزن التاريخ يعيد نفسه في سيناريو تمثيلي جديد… الخوذ البيضاء أشبه باللحديين الذين حضنتهم إسرائيل بعد بيعهم لولائهم الوطني ليجدوا أنفسهم اليوم مثل الكلاب الضالة بلا حقوق ولا وجود. اندثروا وهم أحياء إلى مزابل الحاضر ولن يكون لهم في التاريخ الا بقعا سوداء تشير إليهم. كما الخوذ البيضاء الذين شوهوا حب الوطن والإنقاذ وباعوه ببخس لمن خربوا ودمروا وانتهكوا وسفكوا بوطن كان يتحدى طغيان الغرب وخيانة العربان من أجل استحكام لإسرائيل واستغلال لخيرات المنطقة.

الخوذ البيضاء أسقطت ورقة التوت الأخيرة عن عورات المعارضة. وأخذت معها الصالح بالطالح. أولئك السوريون الشرفاء من المعارضين الذين حلموا بديمقراطية ربما، وتعبوا من استبداد كان فسحة بما آلت اليه الأمور لاحقا.

الا ان العناد كفر…

فمن اجل التمسك بمعارضة عميت القلوب وانساقت نحو من يتاجرون بكل شيء من أجل مصالحهم. تم الانجرار وراء المرتزقة في حلة الذقون أحيانا وفي حلة الخوذ البيضاء أحيانا وفيما بينهما الكثير الكثير من المنتفعين المسترزقين على دماء الشعب وحضارته.

أثبت النظام السوري بأن الأوطان أكبر من صراع قوى، وأهم من حجر وحتى ولد، فالسيادة لا يمكن المساومة عليها. والامتداد الصهيوني الأمريكي العربي ليس الا سرطانا قاتلا لا يمهل الا القليل من الوقت قبل الفتك.

الفرق بين الخائن وصاحب الضمير الحي بحب الوطن، أن الخائن يفضح مهما طال زمنه. ويرمى لحظة الانتهاء من خدماته. تنتهي صلاحيته ويرمى في أحسن الأحوال ليكون طعاما للكلاب.

أما من يختار الوطن علما لطريقه، فحتى عند الموت يكون مرفوع الرأس نحو وطن يرفرف علمه عاليا حتى لو أسقطه الخائنون ولو شوهه التائهون عن طريق الأوطان التي تسقى من الدماء لتكون حياة لمن يستحق الحياة.

أصحاب الخوذ البيضاء رحلوا ولقد اسودت وجوههم، وفي ظلمات خروجهم كشفوا ما كان مستورا من تواطؤ الدول الشقيقة والعدوة على سورية كانت وبقيت رغما عن كل من ساءت له نفسه وسولت له هواجسه بأن خير الأوطان يأتي من أعدائها.

ولن يكون غريبا في زمن النذالة هذا، تدخل إسرائيل كوسيط قادم لغير هؤلاء، لمن ارتدى عمائم الإسلام من نصرة وجيوش إسلام…..

The White Helmets and the Black intentions underneath…Exposed 


They seemed too good to be true from moment one. Rubbles, destruction, killing, barrels falling from the sky, wounded children and superhumans dressed in white come out and start rescuing the victims of the dictator regime of Assad.

one video after the other, it became more convincing that these people are not humanitarian in a country suffering the was we are told Syria is undergoing.

The fact that these human angels can only come to the rescue of victims suffering from the regime side made it more of suspicious.

Heroic stories, conferences, prizes even nomination to Nobel prize for peace made them the stars of the gloomy sky of the Syrian war to the west.

The “rescue” of hundreds of the white helmets from Syria by Israel to Jordan until they transfer them to asylum countries that helped them fake out the tragedy of Syria, only proves one more time, how criminals run our…

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