Education in Jerusalem: Where are we heading?

If you mind is free, then those who believe they enslave you are the slaves – slaves to guarding and oppressing you instead of living themselves free lives.


As the Tawjihi ( official high school examination system) finished and results were out, a nightmare ended in the lives our students, and a horrific reality awaits them when we think of the situation of education in Palestine. An education institution that are actually to cope with the emerging changes and needs of the society , yet moving towards futuristic models and however still applying the same in futile methods of teaching and education , that only results in a purging situation of people with graduate studies and inefficiency when it comes to the demand and needs of the society and its market.

those lucky, can afford to leave to study abroad, which on a personal level I strongly recommend, in order to open new horizons to our youth beyond the life of checkpoints and restrictions that are lived here, starting with movement restrictions and ending with state-violence and violations that…

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