America must deal with Donald Trump, the first rogue president | Simon Tisdall


His meeting with Vladimir Putin revealed the US leader to be a one-man threat to global peace and security

The contrast presented by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at their Helsinki press conference was striking. One should not judge a president by appearances, but in this case the comparison was instructive. Putin, immaculate in a beautifully tailored dark blue suit, looked sharp, cool and in control. Trump looked baggy, crumpled and out of his depth – at once baffled and sulky. This mismatch was the equivalent, in post-World Cup terms, of France v Corinthian-Casuals.

Trump was outshone, outmanoeuvred, out-thought and outwitted. Here was no Rocky Balboa, champion of the common man, running up the steps of Philadelphia’s Museum of Art: more a New York version of the ignorant, bigoted Alf Garnett, stumbling glass-jawed into a disastrous public drubbing. Trump had it coming, of course. He has been winging it ever since he took office 18 months ago. To go into a summit of such significance without preparation was the height of folly and vanity.

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