This Week in Egypt: Week 27-2018 ( July 2-8)

How can a country try and jail someone for “insulting” the country? One would think that Egypt is stronger than to have to jail someone who criticized it?


Top Headlines

  • Egypt Air flight MS804 crash “caused by cockpit fire”, French investigators find
  • Lebanese tourist sentenced to over 8 years in prison for insulting Egypt in a viral video
  • Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza, allowing passage in both directions
  • Egypt Supreme Administrative Court issued a verdict supporting a number of police officers fired from duty for having beards
  • Egypt’s football star Abu Treika has terrorist list verdict overturned but remains on list due to second ruling in similar case
  • Coptic Pope Tawadros heads to Italy for ecumenical prayer for Mideast peace with Pope Francis

 Main Headlines


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